Our Cooperative

An organization governed by and for the 13,000 farms

The “Sodiaal Fromage Solutions” business is part of Sodiaal – the largest dairy cooperative in France. The cooperative does not have a traditional business model. It belongs to its milk producers. The cooperative’s mission is to create value for the milk produced by the members in order to ensure they receive a fair market price and increase the profitability of the company in the long term. Our cooperative is built on strong values, shared by all its members, that ensure the cohesion of the group.


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A story about people

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At Sodiaal Fromages Solutions, cheese is above all a story about people, passion and French expertise that we want to share. Since our cooperative was founded 25 years ago, by constantly seeking quality and listening to the market and agribusiness companies we have been able to go beyond our traditional master cheese-maker expertise. Today we have developed particular expertise in designing bespoke cheese solutions in order to ensure the cheese ingredient meets your expectations and market trends.

A dedicated team

A team of experienced professionals will support you at every stage of your project:

.A qualified R&D service to develop bespoke solutions that meet your specifications

.A  sales service that listens to you, with substantial technical expertise

.A responsive customer service available to answer all your questions

.An experienced quality service, aware of food-related health issues, which through regular checks continuously monitors the quality of our solutions

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Our expertise

Today, we have developed particular expertise in designing bespoke cheese solutions that meet the needs of the food industry and respect people and the environment.

Our cutting expertise allows us to offer our traditional or labelled cheeses in their original whole cheese form or as different cuts tailored to the specificities of each of your uses.

Using our industrial expertise and the cheese expertise we have acquired over the last 25 years, bespoke, quality and respect for commitments are now part of our DNA and allow us to offer one of the widest selections of high quality products on the market.