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Clean Label

Customization, quality and respect for commitments are part of our DNA.


What is the Clean Label?

The food crises have generated many questions and questioning of the consumer regarding his food for more authentic and natural products. The Clean Label is the commitment to exclude in the formulations the “ingredients” belonging to the famous “E” list, the development of manufacturing methods that allow to claim the absence of additives in the products, and thus the automatic replacement of the latter by “natural products”. The Clean Label thus includes notions of fair trade, labelled products, dietetics or any other element that can be assimilated to a simple and natural product.


Sodiaal Fromages Solutions: Clean Label product supplier

We are committed to a logic of industrial expertise and cheese know-how acquired over the last 25 years. Customization, quality and respect for commitments are now part of our DNA.

Consumers have become experts. Every day they challenge us to offer RESPECTFUL products. This 360° reflection is at the heart of our concerns. The objective is to perpetuate our industry while responding to your business orientations.

For many years, we have been carrying out large-scale projects on an offer guaranteed “without colorants”, “without additives”, “without preservatives”. Today, our range of cheeses is growing with a choice of processed cheeses “without melting salt”.

The Sodiaal Dairy Cooperative has been engaged for many years in a process of reflection to guarantee the best of our dairy territories. We have at heart to enhance the value of our members’ milk in all segments of the dairy value chain. Our objective is to guarantee you the best solutions by producing cheese ingredients capable of meeting your expectations of tomorrow to guarantee the satisfaction of your consumers.

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