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We are committed to promoting better eating habits by supporting organic farming and Clean Label actions!

Offering products that better respect human health and the environment, is one of the challenges that our French dairy cooperative, Sodiaal, set itself several years ago which it daily strives to meet by manufacturing, for example, organic French cheeses and cheese preparations without emulsifying salt, through its various businesses which include Sodiaal Fromages Solutions!

But what are ‘BIO’ (organic) and ‘Clean Label’, these two trends that seem to be everywhere in supermarkets, in newspapers, on the internet, at food fairs, and which continue to inspire the people at Sodiaal Fromages Solutions to innovate and to satisfy consumers in search of more natural products?



Today, 73% of French homes buy and eat organic food once a month. Of these, 13% eat organic food every day*!


This trend has developed following Covid-19 and the March 2020 lock-down when the lifestyle and eating habits of the French really shifted towards better quality of life (94.8% of French people say that being in good health especially means eating well**). The result is a collective desire to prioritise food from organic farming and (if possible) short supply chains, while preserving animal welfare and proximity to small businesses!

Thanks to our French dairy cooperative, Sodiaal, which supports its farmers on a daily basis and continues to support them in their conversion to organic farming, we can respond favourably to the growing market demand for organic and French products.


Over the last five years, the cooperative’s organic collections have increased from 1 to 4%, which represents 9.7% of farms, i.e. 765 farmers, in 2020! This increase is partly linked to the technological and financial support provided by the group to our farmers, who received conversion aid of €57/1,000 l in 2020.

Consequently, at Sodiaal Fromages Solutions, our Organic French Emmental (available in wheels, blocks, grated, and other formats on request) is the result of the involvement of the entire Sodiaal dairy sector, combining tradition, know-how, terroir, and innovation, and responding to the consumers’ quest for healthy, natural, and local products.



Reflecting a need for reassurance about the origin, transparency, and composition of products as well as the desire to eat more natural products, Clean Label is appearing on supermarket shelves because 83% of French people** attach importance to products without preservatives and additives.


Moreover, between 2019 and 2020**, there was a 13.8% increase in ‘home-made’ products, which guarantee the traceability of ingredients used in recipes in French households, as well as ‘health food’, which is now among the main criteria for choice!



At Sodiaal Fromages Solutions – a cheese-making business dedicated to food manufacturers, in an attempt to best meet customer demand for natural products, the people in our cooperative have mobilised their know-how to offer products without additives or preservatives.

You can also discover Emulsifying salt-free processed cheese which preserve all their properties and organoleptic qualities… Gourmet and tasty products to use, for example, in your recipes for croque monsieurs, cordon bleus, and other dishes with melted cheese cores!


Do you want to develop ORGANIC and/or Clean Label recipes with cheese products made by a French cooperative?

Contact our dedicated professionals, via our website, for personalised and tailor-made support to find the right product for you from among our extensive range of cheese: labelled, organic, emulsifying salt-free, etc.


*Agence BIO – 2021 survey

**Kantar – Resilience, 6 growth levers for 2021

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